English B.A. – English in Global Settings Option

The B.A. in English: English in Global Settings is a highly flexible program of study that allows the student to use the generous number of electives to prepare for a variety of future directions, which could include graduate study (in linguistics, literature, communication, journalism, law, etc.), teaching foreign language, publishing, or any variety of positions in corporations and international organizations requiring advanced communication skills. All English majors complete six courses that form the Foundation Core, but then are able to begin customizing their program.

The School of English Studies at Wenzhou-Kean University is actively preparing students to join the ranks of teachers, writers, scholars and influencers who shape how people interpret ideas and actions in the world. The students of English at WKU are developing advanced English skills preparing them for success in a wide variety of professional careers. They are developing in-depth knowledge about aspects of language learning such as the structure and origin of the English language, genre analysis and its application in various disciplines, and the linguistic features of English. Further, they are building skills in the teaching and learning of English as a second language, translation and interpretation between English and Chinese, and practicing advanced writing skills integral to acquiring a degree as an English major.


Major (Core) Required Courses

  • Structure and Origins of English Language
  • Writing Process
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Cultural Rhetorics and Writing
  • Research in Language and Literature
  • Writing for Cyberspace

Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study

  • Develop the art of clear and persuasive writing
  • Study great works of literature and explore new cultures
  • Understand how to think critically about societal issues

Faculty Team

All faculty in the School of English Studies at WKU are highly qualified professionals in the fields of Applied Linguistics, Rhetoric, TESOL, Literature, Translation, and other related fields. Most professors have received their educational qualifications from institutions of good repute in the USA, the UK and other countries. Our faculty have been selected based on having acquired several years of teaching experience in the USA and abroad as well as their being cognizant of the cultural and social implications of higher learning in the China context. The School of English Studies operates on the premise that all students receive a similar learning experience, develop an appreciation for a wide variety of thought and experience, and develop a broad worldview. As such, we prepare our students to be global thinkers and influencers.

Career Prospects

The English in Global Settings B.A. is designed to provide a pathway to a number of career areas:

  • Graduate study in English, law, journalism, international studies, business and related fields
  • Secondary school teaching
  • Communications-oriented employment in business, the arts, and the community
  • Translation and interpretation

Internship Basement

  • Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou