Residence Life and Housing Center

Residence Life and Housing Center views residence hall living as vital element of the total educational process. Residence Life and Housing Center provides a multicultural opportunity for students. It’s an opportunity for students to gain a variety of personal learning experiences to supplement and enhance their academic development. We devote to helping students meet their needs and potential through varied programming and effective use of available resources.


Residence Hall Director

Residence Hall Director (RHD) is a live-in position and responsible for the student development and daily operation of a residential hall,In addition to supervising the Resident Assistants, RHDs also have the following responsibilities:

  • Carry out the mission of Liberal Arts Education in Residential Hall;
  • Cooperate with Student Academic Support Service Center for early identification and intervention of students with academic difficulties;
  • Enforce the code of student conduct and adjudicate cases of violations
  • Mediate roommate conflicts and oversee moving-in, moving-out and room change process;
  • Assist with general administrative work for student affairs, including scholarships and work-study program.
  • Support the counseling service in the residential hall together with the Counselling Center;
  • Plan and implement educational programs to establish the living and learning community;


Residence Assistant

Resident Assistant (RA) is an undergraduate student who live in the residence hall to help students with both academic and personal concerns, build a positive community on their floor and within the residence hall, and facilitate intercultural exchange.


Desk Assistant

Each residence hall arranges with DAs to be responsible for residence hall entry and the repairment service of facilities and equipment in the apartment.


Coordinator: May Yin

Training Building A:Helen Chen

Training Building B:Amy Chen

Housing Services Specialist: Seven Qiu

Plum Hall A:Mengyuan Peng

Plum Hall B:Hui Zhang

Orchid Hall A: Khora Li

Orchid Hall B: Kaycee Wang

Bamboo Hall: Queena Liu

Chrysanthemum Hall A: Larry Liu

Chrysanthemum Hall B: Leyla Wang

Banyan Hall AB: Evelyn Shen

Banyan Hall CD:Sylvia Zhao

Maple Hall A:Becky Chen

Maple Hall B:Agnes Huang

Ginkgo Hall A:Tina Ye

Ginkgo Hall B:Neel Lu

Ginkgo Hall C:Lilian Jiang

Ginkgo Hall D:Chang Lin

Ougan Hall: Yiying Jiang

Osmanthus Hall A: Cathy Han

Osmanthus Hall B: Bob Xu