Introduction of ORSP

As a university committed to world-class education, Wenzhou–Kean University’s reputation in the future is dependent to a great extent on its prowess in research.

Office of Research and Sponsored Program is devoted to organizing diverse scientific research and academic activities, supporting the implementation of various scientific research projects, and guiding the application of the national, provincial and municipal scientific research funding. We endeavor to strengthen Wenzhou-Kean University’s partnership with governmental departments, universities, research institutes and companies, with the aim of applying and commercializing scientific findings. Therefore it will improve WKU’s capacity for research and innovation, foster a better academic atmosphere and promote the regional economic and social development.


Establish the University as a world-class university serving the local community, municipality, province and nation.


Advance the University’s success in scientific research and academic innovation, and promote better development of higher education, society and economy.

We aim to:

  • Formulate the development strategy, planning and scientific research policy for the University;
  • Establish partnership with governmental departments, universities, research institutes and companies to conduct scientific research;
  • Provide support and consultancy for grant and research program applicators;
  • Monitor the progress of funded projects and work with finance office to track all sponsored payments;
  • Organize campus-wide research activities and build the atmosphere of innovation;
  • Promote the establishment of research institutes at the University;
  • Administrate scientific and technological achievements of the University;
  • Popularize related science and research information;
  • Collect data related to publications and achievements;
  • Provide support in scientific research.

Associate Director: Jun (Marshall) MENG

Coordinator: Xiangxiang (Elena) ZHU

Coordinator: Yi (Jenny) ZHAN

Staff: Jiajun (Jason) BAO

Staff: Shenxuan (Cecilia) XIANG