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The motto Semper Discens which means endless learning, is engraved on the seal of Kean University and that is the goal of the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology. The undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the college leverage on the strengths of Kean University and are programs that have increasing demand and recognition in China and abroad. The college is committed to providing quality education and extensive research opportunities to students across the fields of natural science, mathematics, and computer science. The college aims to inspire students to “climb higher” and fulfil their potential, by laying a solid scientific foundation for students and equipping students with the tools that will enable them to seamlessly launch their careers in their respective disciplines anywhere in the world. Through the elite education provided by the college, students will be imbued with critical thinking skills as they learn to create and innovate and become truly globalized citizens. The College of Science, Mathematics, and Technology has established close cooperations with research institutes, and private companies and enterprises, that provides valuable industrial experience that prepares students for the real world. As such, the college cultivates future scientists, data analysts, educators, and mathematicians who will assume leadership roles in technology and pharmaceutical companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as in universities, and research institutes. Students will become agents of change who will make a tangible difference to science and society. In the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology, students and professors have consistently won scientific awards and have jointly published many articles in highly reputable journals. The college has also received national and international recognitions as exemplified by the recent establishment of the Zhejiang Bioinformatics International Science and Technology Cooperation Center, and the Wenzhou Municipal Key Lab for Applied Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Informatics. Computer science, Mathematics and Applied mathematics (data analysis Option), Biology (Cell and Molecular Biology Option) have been recognized as Provincial First-class undergraduate Programs. The Computer Science Program is the 13th Five-Year Characteristic project of Zhejiang Province. There are 7 courses recognized as the provincial first-class courses in CSMT. The research programs of faculty in the college are supported by grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Zhejiang provincial Natural Science Foundation. In 2022 alone, faculty in the college have published 111 articles in SCI and SSCI listed journals translating to an average of 3.5 publications per faculty. Notably, the field-weighted citation impact (FWCI) of articles published by faculty in the college is 2.75 which means that they are cited 275% more frequently than the global average in their respective fields. As for students in the college, about 60% of them have been admitted into the world’s Top-100 universities in 2022 of which 47% gained admission into the world’s Top-50 universities. These are evidence of the teaching capability and scientific research strength of the college. Currently, the college offers two postgraduate programs: Biotechnology Science (M.S.) and Computer Information System (M.S.), and five undergraduate programs: Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option), Biology (Cell and Molecular Biology Option), Environmental Science, Chemistry.

Message from the Dean

The College of Science, Mathematics and Technology is firmly grounded in scientific discoveries, inventions, and technological innovations that are inspired by nature and driven by data. We currently offer five undergraduate programs which are Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science, and two master’s programs which are Biotechnology and Computer Information System. Each program is strongly supported by state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities. Students will learn the latest scientific developments but more importantly, they will apply their knowledge and skills by actively participating in various research projects and student competitions.

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–Aloysius Wong, Ph.D. (Interim Associate Dean)

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Computer Science

B.A. in Mathematical Sciences | Data Analytics

B.S. in Biology | Cell and Molecular Biology

B.S. Environmental Science

B.S. Chemistry

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