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Department Introduction

The Wenzhou Kean University Laboratory Center is built under the support of Wenzhou Municipal Education Bureau. The lab center has 3 biological laboratories, 1 chemical laboratory and 1 physical laboratory, with a total area of about 620 m2 and a total value of the equipment of over 5.7 million yuan. The excellent teaching team of lab center is led by foreign professors selected by Kean University and the young technical talents of Wenzhou Kean University. The lab course is small-class-teaching, which focuses on cultivating students’ teamwork and experimental operation skills. The newly designed lab teaching environment and the American-style English-language courses, combined with the excellent teaching methods of China, Wenzhou Kean University Lab Center has gradually become the most characteristic and international lab teaching center.

Lab Activity

Instrument Introduction


Instrument Name :Microplate reader

Instrument Model: Varioskan Flash

Intended Use of Instrument :The Varioskan Flash spectral scanning reader is intended for professional research use by trained personnel, who understand the nature of fluorometry, photometry and luminometry. The Varioskan Flash is used to measure fluorescence intensity (FI), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) and luminescence from appropriate 6 to 1536-well plate formats or absorbance from appropriate 6 to 384- well plate formats defined by Thermo Fisher Scientific in SkanIt Software. It also has incubation, shaking and reagent dispensing capabilities.


Instrument Name :Fluorescence microscopy

Instrument Model: NI-U

Intended Use of Instrument: Fluorescence microscopy is highly sensitive, specific, reliable and extensively used by scientists to observe the localization of molecules within cells, and of cells within tissues. Fluorescence imaging is reasonably gentle on the sample, which facilitates the visualization of molecules and dynamic processes in live cells. In conventional fluorescence microscopes, the light beam penetrates the full depth of the sample, allowing easy imaging of intense signals and co-localization studies with multi-colored fluorophores on the same sample.


Instrument Name: FT-IR Spectrometer

Instrument Model: NICOLET IS10

Intended Use of Instrument: Thermo FT-IR spectrometer excels at rugged, precise, fast-paced operation, yet simplifies lab data collection to its most basic: load the sample, generate the spectrum, and press Print. The Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer is a complete infrared spectroscopy system for routine analytical needs. The Nicolet iS10 delivers the highest confidence in the verification and identification of materials and is designed for maximum assurance in its ability to sample and solve challenging problems with a minimal investment in time.


Instrument Name: Gel Documentation System

Instrument Model: Bio-Rad

Intended Use of Instrument: The Gel system enables quick and easy visualization,documentation,and analysis of nucleic acid and protein gels,blots,and macroarrays with a few clicks of the mouse.It is a flexible and easy to use system that supports fluorescence and colorimetric detection methods.The large imaging area accommodates a broad range of gel sizes,from large handcast polyacrylamide gels to small Ready Agarose Gels.

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