Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is central to the success of programs, promoting high academic standards for students and faculty, and administering the resources, policies, and plans that sustain them.

OAA works to ensure engaging and effective student learning as well as academic rigor in and beyond the classroom; focuses on teaching excellence including the advancement of knowledge in the academic disciplines; facilitates the improvement of skills in professional areas guided by the latest research and use of scientific methods.


Organize the core teaching and scholarly activities as well as various administrative and academic support to ensure the seamless development of WKU’s academic experience, endeavoring to establish a leading World-Class Teaching University serving the local and nationwide communities.


The Office of Academic Affairs at Wenzhou-Kean University oversees the implementation of Kean University’s educational mission in the context of its cooperative venture in Wenzhou (China).It provides leadership to build a vibrant and internationally recognized academic community; prepares students in an English-speaking environment of an American university in China; encourages independent and critical thinkers, creative learners and globally engaged citizens; develops a student body ready to adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments and willing to serve as active and contributing members of their communities.

We aim to:

  1. Provide variety of methods to our clients’ needs in office hour as well as through online tools to students, faculty and staff in English.
  2. Respect clients’ needs, which define the way Office of Academic Affairs supports and helps them.
  3. Respect clients’ confidentiality.
  4. Deal with programs and curriculum inquiries.
  5. Respond to scheduling changes effectively and timely.
  6. Provide classroom appointment service.
  7. Provide office and classroom supplies in coordination with other departments.
  8. Assist with lab operation (computer science lab, iMac lab, bio lab).
  9. Offer educational technology support (Blackboard, Mediasite, etc.).
  10. Offer academic travel reimbursement.