The Center of Leadership and Service is committed to providing opportunities for leadership development training, community service involvement, service learning, and campus organizational development. We develop programming to prepare students to be involved as positive examples of leadership excellence and social consciousness in a complex global community.

The Center for Leadership and Service recognizes all student groups (student governments, student clubs and organizations) each semester. There are more than 40 student groups at Wenzhou-Kean University. A list of active student groups can be obtained online by clicking here.

Student Group Resources
The following resources and policies aid Wenzhou-Kean University student organizations and clubs.

Privileges of Recognized Student Groups

  • A group profile page on Cougar Link that can be personalized for each group.
  • Association with Kean University, including the ability to incorporate the name of the university into the name of the organization and the ability to use university logos and trademarks for organizational needs or products.
  • Use of university facilities and priority use of campus space.

Characteristics of a Good Student Organization

  • It has a clear sense of identity, purpose and direction.
  • It communicates effectively, both internally with its membership, and externally with other organizations.
  • It maintains a competent leadership with good organizational skills, a strong value structure, and the ability to work in concert with its membership.
  • It is durable and continuous, possessing the ability to recruit and train both members and leaders with respect to its purpose, and also in regards to the identity and direction of the organization.
  • It possesses the vitality to grow, renew, and progress.
  • It effectively manages its resources of time, finances and people.
  • It is responsive, meeting the needs of its membership and the institution of which it is a part.
  • It accomplishes program objectives and evaluates programs on a regular basis.
  • Its resources are accessible and it offers opportunities for those who wish to participate.
  • It is cooperative and supportive of other organizations in that it seeks out, and identifies opportunities to carry out inter-organization activities.

Gangbo Hu