Dear student,

Course schedules are viewable on KeanWISE. Course enrollment will remain open until the end of the add/drop period for each semester. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for add/drop dates and other important deadlines – Academic Calendar – Wenzhou-Kean University (

Important Notes: 

Below are instructions and guide sheets on how to navigate registration using Student Planning. Please refer to these tutorials and contact our office if you need assistance: 

·         Registering For Classes with KeanWise – YouTube 

·         Kean Student Experience – Advising – YouTube 

·         Using-student-planning-register

  • The registration system will remain open to all students until the end of add/drop period for both Winter and Spring semesters.  
  • Enrollment into some courses is restricted to certain student populations, e.g., majors and or seniors.  Special approval from the academic department will be required if you would like to enroll in courses outside your program.  Please pay close attention to the messages that may appear when you try to enroll into one of these courses. They will alert you of these restrictions and why you are not allowed to enroll for the class. 
  • Closed sections will require a signed Course Adjustment Form with the instructor’s signature allowing you into their class. All forms can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website at //